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Vaastu and Children
Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

It is seen very often that Vaastu defects are the main reason for bad results of children in examinations. Vaastu defects can also cause children to lose concentration in studies. Some simple Vaastu remedies can help children become successful. The positive effects of Vaastu can be seen in their behaviour also.

It is important for children to excel in all areas of life and not just studies. Their vision and mindset for the future must be clear from the beginning. A proper environment must be created for them to achieve this.

When your children are not performing to their fullest potential, they also become disappointed and a feeling of dejection and depression grips them. The parents pressurize them to perform well but their inability to meet these expectations sometimes leads them astray. They take the help of negative tactics to escape from reality. That is why parents must think of applying correct Vaastu before it becomes too late.

Sometimes, despite putting in a lot of effort and hard work, children are not able to do well and embark on their desired field in academics and career. They become unsure about their future and do not know what to do ahead.

It is important to get the Vaastu checked because it may be one the reasons for the failure of the children. By doing Vaastu correction, positive results can be achieved.

There are some very common traits portrayed by children when negative Vaastu works on them.

1. They are not able to concentrate in their studies.

2. There is lack of clarity and vision.

3. They are always irritated.

4. They do not listen to parents.

5. They are more interested in social networking and hanging out with friends rather than sitting down to talk with parents or other family members.

6. They are not sure about their future.

Possible Reasons of Negative Vaastu on Children:

1. There is a cut in the Northeast and presence of red colour in the Northeast.

2. The Northeast and East are the zones for entertainment. The study table should not be placed here. The child should face East or Northeast while studying but the table should be away from these zones.

3. There is a cut in the west.

4. The south/southeast is controlled by the fire element. If this zone is imbalanced, there will be problems for students.

5. Presence of sporting goods like cricket bat or tennis racket, etc at southwest

6. Keeping pictures with friends having fun can distract the students.

Vaastu Techniques for Children:

Vaastu Shastra clearly demarcates different directions for different use. The children should be made to take advantage of these techniques.

1. If your child is not very assertive and lacking in vision, then make him sleep in the north-eastern room. Since the Northeast is ruled by Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati), the child will develop new positive ideas and he/she will be able to make others understand better. A picture of Goddess Saraswati sitting on the swan in the east will be an added catalyst.

2. It is also very important to increase the communication levels of the child. Practicing this in the east will improve the power of speech with improved reasoning skills.

3. Remove sports items from the southwest and keep items which are of interest to the child.

Decoration as per Vaastu:

1. Keep the bed of the child in the east-west direction so that he or she sleeps with the head to the east. Studying should be done while facing the east.

2. Do not let the child sleep with their feet to the south. Use light green, blue or white colours in the children's room.

3. Use light green, blue or yellow furnishings in the room.

4. Keep pictures of great personalities in the Northeast. You can also keep the pictures of things in the Northeast that interests the child.

5. The bed should be placed in such a way that the head is not directly in line with a toilet.

Some Vaastu Tips:

1. If you want to have connections with influential people or you want to hang around with them, put up the Sun or its photo in the East zone of your house. You can also keep a Surya Yantra.

2. Reduction of aggressiveness: If you or someone in the family is getting more and more aggressive in behaviour, check your Northeast. Remove any type of red colour from the northeast. Also check the southeast for too bright colours.

3. Recovery of debt: Place a Pyramid at the north of your house.

Tantrik Method for Money Recovery:

Stand in the Southwest corner of the house as this gives power to the owner. Face the North or Northeast and think about the person who had taken money from you. Demand the money back from him by silently saying his name! The person will get the message and will return the money feeling guilty.

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