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Jesus and Me
By Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

Born at Digboi and soon bought to Guwahati after my pre schooling days at 'Playhouse,' the place I started life's first real journey, I was the stereotypically shy boy whose lunch box was, in fact throughout the year, hopelessly looted in the pre-nursery class.
I stammered, I was the shortest guy in the class, and there was perhaps not a single day that I came back without tears in my eyes, bullied, bags flung open, running as fast as I could, in shame and helplessness to my grandpa's arms each day when school ended!
“Baba…Baba… they ate my tiffin again, Baba!"
That was me, and that's exactly how I was, when again one fine sunny day, my dad literally pushed me inside a very good looking red-coloured bus, quiet early in the morning, and waved me goodbye to an unknown place; to a place I had absolutely no idea about!
I started to howl and fanatically waived my hands at my father take me back home, but that was exactly how it was to meant to be from that point of time onwards, except for Saturdays and Sundays or holidays in-between.
The over-packed bus took us all similar looking kids to a big building on a hilltop. The same story began repeating itself. It took me hardly a day to realize that I was to be uncrowned Lilliput king here too, as I stood first in the line in the morning assembly, blushing and stammering every time when asked anything from that very first day onwards. Again, I had no one to talk to… I was popularly known as 'Kotia', the short fellow in Assamese, in the class!
Time flied… I hated school more and more!
One day, after getting down from our red bus in the morning, lost in my own jumbled up thoughts, I walked inside a huge hall-like building. I had entered a beautifully decorated large room where polished wooden benches were lined for one to sit quietly, perhaps to think and talk to one's own selves… I couldn't fathom what the room was but somehow I liked the place and its warm ambience. I went and sat in a bench on the front row, kept my school bag aside, took a deep breath and looked up ahead…
That was the first time I was seeing him and I felt a lump in my throat, I wanted to cry, I wanted to share all my troubles with him, I wanted to shout, I no longer felt any fear inside… I felt like a child again! I wanted to tell him, "Hey, I know you… you are the one who whispers things into my ears, no?"
I faintly remember my parents taking me to a temple when I was a kindergarten kid. The temple was the place where many people go to find peace and happiness. But for me, happiness was when I spent time with my best friend just before our classes started for the day. From the first day I entered the hall, it became a habit for me to walk to the place the moment I got down from the bus. I had to just run inside the tall beautiful building where my best buddy stayed, no matter whether the sun shined or it rained, I just have to be there!
After meeting him, I was happy again.
No, he never came out of his home; he couldn't you see! He was tied to a cross, some evil doers had punished him real bad... both his hands and legs were nailed to the cross and he was bleeding profusely. They had also put a crown of thorns on his head, he was in real bad shape, yet astonishingly, his face always shined brightly, radiating the light of a hundred suns, and welcomed me each morning as I entered the church located in the campus of our Holy Child School.
I shared everything in my heart with him. I told him everything: how Prantor had tried to fool me by saying that small pieces of pencils lay eggs inside the pencil box if they were left unopened for two days, how Ajay had pushed me, how Munmi, the angel he had sent to my class, had sung so beautifully in the last period the day before. I shared with him all my joys and fears, my every little accomplishment, every little wish.
And he used to listen patiently. 
I felt a strange kind of strength imbibing my being whenever I talked to him. My stammering began to decrease substantially from the day I first met him. All my hidden fears vanished when I talk with him.
Jesus was my Magic Man. He still happens to be my Magic Man.

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